cmusic is an acoustic compiler program written by F. Richard Moore as part of the Computer Audio Research Laboratory (CARL) software distribution. The CARL package is available for SUN Sparc/UNIX platform, and an abbreviated and modified version (without FORTRAN dependencies) is available for NeXT platforms. cmusic and associated utilites are available for DOS/Windows platforms under the title pcmusic.

The CARL package (about 200 program developed by F. Richard Moore, Gareth Loy, Mark Dolson, Rusty Wright, and others) has taken place at CRCA (CME) since about 1980. All are available here.


CARL for Linux systems

pcmusic for DOS/Windows systems

CARL for NeXT systems

CARL for SUN systems

 Linux Port Principal Investigator Shahrokh Yadegari, CRCA researcher, Music Department Graduate Student.
 Support Ted Apel, Technical Director, CRCA
F. Richard Moore, Music Department.
 Current Status The current status of the CARL software on the Linux platform can be found at Shahrokh's Linux page


The CARL software port to Linux is generously supported by Creative Labs, the Intel Technology for Education 2000 Program.